Week Startup: Brazilian Ingredients

Excited? Today we are going to map the most admired #startups in the food and beverage sector!

# Business: Amazonika Mundi - 100% vegetable, with ingredients from the Amazon to keep the forest standing.

What did the company create as a differential?

Cashew fiber meat is an evolution of traditional cashew meat: it tastes better and has a lot more protein. And you know what is better? It is made with a part of the fruit that used to be thrown away by the industry. This means that Amazonika Burger, Meatball Amazonika and Siriju give a fairer destination to a portion of the tons of cashew that are wasted every year in Brazil.

#Pain: Keeping the forest standing. A super challenge that the food industry as a whole can start to evolve.

In addition to this greater problem, another pain for the industry is building a production chain to use ingredients from our biodiversity. Many of them are still little known and little knowledge and knowledge of the people here rocked!

#Product: What caught my attention?

1 - pick up a hot topic to launch products: plant-based.

2 - use of cool ingredients with Amazonian ingredients

3 - cashew and avoid waste.

I haven't tried yet, but you can buy it and tell me later!

#Benchmark: Awí Superfoods

#Entrepreneurs: Thiago Rosolem, Cello Camolese Macedo and Bruno Rosolem

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